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Improve Your Appearance with Revolutionary CoolSculpting at Bellava, Westchester County’s Leading Plastic Surgery Center

Have you been trying desperately to get rid of that belly fat that bulges over your pant line and creates love handles and a muffin top? Does it seem like no matter how much weight you lose and how many crunches, situps, and planks you do, that “mom pooch” is there to stay? Do the fat rolls that bulge out on top of and underneath your bra line make you feel totally self-conscious? If so, CoolSculpting could be the solution you’ve been looking for!

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSclupting is an FDA-approved form of cryolipolysis, a revolutionary approach to fat loss. It involves the use of cutting-edge technology that actually freezes the fat cells in your body. You see, fat and cold temperatures don’t mix well. Once the cells are exposed to a certain temperature, they freeze, die, and within 2 to 6 months, they are naturally eliminated from the body.

In some areas of the body, such as the midsection, the thighs, and the upper back, diet and exercise usually aren’t enough to remove fat; in fact, even the slimmest, most toned people carry around excess fat in these regions. CoolSculpting is the solution to fat loss in these troubled areas, as it targets those stubborn fat cells and effectively kills them

How does CoolSclupting Work?

During the CoolSclupting process, a practitioner applies a vacuum-like device over specific points on the body. The device pulls the skin up and places it between two panels that cool the fat cells. Many patients report that they feel pressure and a cooling sensation, but no pain; in fact, most of the people who receive CoolSculpting hold conversations with the technician, work, read, or just lay back and take a nap while the procedure is being done. The treatment lasts for about an hour, and when you are finished, you are free to return to your normal routine. Some patients do report feeling a mild numbness or tingling sensation post-treatment; however, it’s only temporary and will not impede on your regular activities.

You can expect to see results within 2 to 6 months after treatment. On average, people who receive this treatment see as much as a 30% decrease in fat in the area that has been treated.

The Benefits of CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting has become one of the most requested cosmetic treatments at Bellava MedAesthestics and Plastic Surgery Center of Bedford Hills. In fact, we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of patients’ who are scheduling appointments for this specific treatment. Why? – Because it offers some pretty impressive benefits.

  • It’s non-invasive. Unlike other types of body contouring treatments and procedures, such as a tummy tuck or liposuction, CoolSculpting is completely non-invasive. There’s no need to be put under general anesthesia, no incisions are made, and no sutures are required.
  • There’s no recovery time. Since it’s a non-invasive procedure, there’s absolutely no recovery time; in fact, you can schedule an appointment on your lunch break and go back to work immediately following treatment! Because there’s no downtime, you don’t have to take off from work, readjust your schedule, or make any other special arrangements.
  • It’s painless. Again, because this procedure is non-invasive, you won’t experience any discomfort. You won’t have to limit your mobility or take pain medications like you would have to with invasive fat removal procedures. While you might experience pressure, mild numbness, and a slight tingling sensation, patients do not report any pain.
  • It’s safe. CoolSculpting is FDA-approved for use on the abdomen and flanks.
  • It’s effective; on average, patients see a 20 to 30% reduction in body fat in the areas that were treated within 2 to 6 months after just one treatment.
  • It improves self-confidence. Since this procedure helps to successfully eliminate fat deposits from troubled areas, such as the abdomen and the flanks, it can dramatically improve your body-image and make you feel more confident about your appearance.
  • It can offer long-lasting results. As long as you eat right and exercise, you can maintain the fat loss that CoolSculpting provides for a lifetime! And, patients who do gain weight post-treatment say that it’s distributed more evenly throughout their body rather than concentrated in the areas problem areas.

Say Goodbye to Stubborn Fat Once and For All!

With CoolSculpting, you can finally kiss that stubborn body fat goodbye! Whether you’ve been trying desperately to get rid of it on your own with diet and exercise or you want to jump right in and see results, you can see a dramatic improvement in your overall appearance with the CoolSculpting services offered at Bellava. Get rid of that muffin top, “mommy pooch”, thigh bulge, and those bra rolls and love handles once and for all!

When you schedule an appointment for CoolSculpting at Ballava MedAesthestics and Plastic Surgery Center, your treatment will be completed in our state-of-the-art facility by our licensed and experienced technicians. You will experience complete comfort during your treatment; you might even find you’re so relaxed during your treatment that you’ll just doze off! Within an hour, you’ll be ready to go back to your regular activities, and within 2 to 6 months, you’ll start to notice a definite improvement in your appearance.

Improve Your Appearance and Boost Your Self-Confidence at Bellava

Bellava MedAesthestics and Plastic Surgery Center is a leading medspa treatment and plastic surgery center in White Plains, NY. In addition to offering non-invasive fat reduction treatments, like CoolSculpting, we also provide a variety of other treatments and surgical procedures that aim to enhance your overall appearance, including:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast revision
  • Breast reduction
  • Tummy tuck surgery
  • Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Scar and stretch mark removal
  • Laser vein removal
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Cheek lift
  • Eyelift
  • Neck lift

And so much more!

With the services offered by Bellava, your natural beauty will be enhanced and your self-confidence will be boosted.

To schedule an appointment to learn more about any of the services we offer, please call 914-826-8963 today. We look forward to sitting down with you, discussing your goals, and helping you achieve the look you have been longing for.