Bellava girl who had plastic surgery

The Basics of cosmetic Surgery

In general, plastic surgery is a surgical procedure which alters the human body. Some of these procedures are called reconstructive surgery. Reconstructive surgery deals with the restoration and reconstruction of damaged parts of the human body. Burns are also treated through this type of plastic surgery. The field of plastic and reconstructive surgeons is divided into three major categories: cosmetic, hand, and craniofacial.

Cosmetic procedures can be done on patients to improve their looks. A plastic surgeon at Bellava Spa can also improve the appearance of the face and hands by removing excess skin. Some procedures may be performed on people with irregular facial features. However, the best plastic surgery is the one that helps the patient look good and has a good result. In the first stage, cosmetic procedures are performed on the affected area. If the surgery is unsuccessful, a second procedure can be performed.

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